querida Adèle

​Tienes razón. Hay que amarse y luego hay que decírselo, y luego hay que escribírselo, y luego hay que besarse en los labios, en los ojos, en todas partes. 
​Victor Hugo

The merge of 45-years history of the brand and the honesty of an united family in the search for beauty and optimism, “Querida Adèle” is born, the first bridal collection of the firm: Miguel Marinero.

The collection is sincere, feminine and full of feeling. Through a refined minimalism it expresses the fundamental, without ornaments nor ostentation. Also, It wants to rescue the tradition of dressing as a bride and show a timeless beauty, getting rid of the unnecessary and returning to the most elementary, thus recovering artisan techniques such as pleats or drapes, ceramic embroidery with pieces of old family tableware and strategic and repetitive gathers on most garments.

Natural fabrics such as silk linen, ghazar or chiffon. Organzas that help us find the unstructured volume of shapes. Some materials are solid, dry and compact, while others are ultra delicate, ligh and flowing, so their transparency reflects the femenine silhouette.

It is minimalistic, but very sentimental. And the result is not austere, it is delicate and unique