Fur Legacy

The artisan tradition of Miguel Marinero was born in 1974, Miguel launches his own firm after several years of experience in the world of fur and leather, from the beginning it becomes a reference of luxury and craftsmanship, innovating and discovering unexplored techniques, thus changing the vision of this material in the world of fashion.

The legacy is passed on to a second generation, Nicolas and Inés propose new challenges for the brand and open up to the international market, turning MM into a family business, with solid bases and a contemporary vision in each collection.

Since 2018 our brand has created a new sustainable wear line, adapting to our clients needs, aware of the overconsumption and the current global situation.
This new line is a homage to our merino lambs from Spain, to the artisans who have been working with it generation after generation and to all our customers who are aware of the excess, looking for a unique item, durable and eternal.